When CBD treats the pain of our pets

With time, it is not uncommon for our pets to develop inflammation pains or other pathologies such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

While many drug treatments exist, they sometimes come with side effects and can have a negative impact on their immune system or on other organs, such as the liver or kidneys. 

Over time, the cartilage of animals - especially dogs like German Shepherds - deteriorates, it is not unusual to see bone deformities appear. It is estimated that one in five dogs will suffer from its symptoms during their lifetime.

With the democratization of CBD and its medicinal virtues, researchers at Cornell University decided to explore its properties on the animal race. In a study published in 2018, they tested the effects of CBD on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. Some dogs received CBD at 2mg per kg. Others received 8 mg/kg and some received oil that did not contain CBD at all. The latter were used as a control group, with a placebo. And the results are clear: dogs treated with CBD showed a significant increase in their activity level - without any side effects - while those treated with placebo showed an increase in their pain

A previous study conducted by the University of Colorado had shown the benefits of CBD for dogs with epilepsy. Indeed, those treated with CBD showed a significant improvement in their symptoms.

Which CBD treatment for our pet?

CBD for animals can be in the form of liquid oil, pellets or sweets. The advantage of liquid oil is that it can be precisely dosed. In any case, it is necessary to recall that under no circumstances should smoked or sprayed cannabis be used on animals, nor should products intended for human consumption. Indeed, the doses contained in these products could be harmful to their bodies and their content could contain toxic foods (such as chocolate or grapes.) THC, on the other hand, must be absolutely prohibited since it contains psychoactive effects that could be extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends.

In conclusion, although medical cannabis can have many benefits to treat animals suffering from inflammatory pain, it is essential to closely monitor the amounts administered and ensure that CBD products do not pose a risk to your animal. In all cases, a veterinary opinion is highly recommended.

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