When CBD improves runners' performances

CBD has quickly become popular thanks to its many properties often appreciated for therapeutic or cosmetic uses. But it is also used in sports such as running, where it helps for stress relief and soothe pain.

CBD is well known in the running world. It often appears in advertisements in specialized magazines and many athletes are sponsored by famous brands. Used in the form of oil, cream, or smoking joints, it has quickly become an ally of choice for runners who do not hesitate to use it to reach the "runner high" more easily.

The "runner high" is a feeling of natural well-being that results from intense and prolonged effort.

It helps to make the athlete forget his pain and promotes his endurance. While a good physical condition and endorphins are partly responsible, a study has shown that the cannabinoid receptors located in the brain also have a role to play, thanks to a chemical called "anandamide". Once released into the body, the CBD then interacts with these neurotransmitters, causing serenity. 

But the endocannabinoid system still holds many secrets for scientists. Its architecture is so complex that its exact role in our physiological functions remains vague.

During training, CBD is also appreciated: it helps to regulate the adrenal glands, thus directly impacting cortisol levels that play a major role in stress. A 2016 study also showed that serotonin can also interact with CBD, helping to keep a good mood during exercise.

In conclusion, CBD is highly appreciated in the sport sphere thanks to its calming and pain-relieving properties. However, further studies will be required to fully understand the entire endocannabinoid system and its many responses while interacting with CBD.

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