COTE MAGAZINE: "Flying high... !"

"Flying high... !"
By Marine Ulrich

At the head of an innovative and naturefriendly start-up. It was only natural for Bernard Rappaz to launch himself into the legal trade of hemp, in other words cannabis with a THC level below 1%. He created the Holyweed brand and says that he is delighted to be shouldered by two Genevan associates who are “young, entrepreneurial and full of good ideas”, with whom he “shares his name and experience while they help with financing”. With a sense of humour, he tells us how he has “grown older” and dedicates himself with unrivalled passion to the production of natural organic and ethical cannabis.

Bernard Rappaz’s hemp grows in organic labelled fields under the sun and fresh air of the cantons of Vaud and Jura. The carefully selected plants are slowly dried by the wind in former tobacco sheds in Broye. This natural drying process kills the chlorophyll contained in the plant and yields products that are less aggressive to the taste. Based on the strength of his ecological beliefs, this Valaisian insists on the fact that no fertiliser, pesticides or chemical products are added during the production process and the packaging of each product is made of glass and not aluminium or plastic.

A natural substance that can only do you good. Such is the Holyweed motto. Each of the products proposed by the brand contains no more than 1% of THC, the cannabis molecule that makes you high, and is 100% legal. They contain an optimal level of CBD (from the name of the cannabidiol molecule) in order to guarantee a relaxing effect. So, don’t imagine you’ll be taking off for a Woodstock-like euphoria – legal cannabis is guaranteed to be free of psychotropic effects for maximum relaxation while staying in control of your senses. Particular attention is given to the packaging. AntiUV glass containers with pop and acid colours prevent the deterioration of flavours and preserve the dried flowers inside.

There are four different products with various extracts to choose from to suit your mood – Wellness, Make Love, Party Time or Sleep Tight – the promise of a relaxing break with no risk of addiction. Holyweed has also thought of those who are in a hurry, with a brand new “ready to use” product: a package of tobacco-free CBD joints that are ready to be consumed.


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