Hemp in the kitchen

Used in the composition of beauty or medical products, hemp slowly starts to become popular on our plates. It can be eaten as a seed, flour or oil, and, combined with a range of selected products, it makes it possible to innovate new recipes and bring a touch of originality. But don't panic! It's remains a risk-free ingredient, free of psychotropic drugs.

 In the form of seeds

Seeds are back in the spotlight. Sesame seeds, sunflowers or squash, they can be easily mixed with many ingredients and have many properties. And hemp ones are no exception! Sold in their shells or whole, they contain dietary fibre and have a crunchy texture. Eaten in salads, as an appetizer, or mixed directly with other preparations, they provide a feeling of satiety and help to digest well.

Crushed and sieved, hemp seeds can also be used to make hemp flour. However, its taste can be relatively spicy. It is therefore advisable to mix it with other flours. 

In the form of oil

To obtain oil, hemp seeds must be cold pressed. Once the process is completed, we obtain a green oil rich in omega-3 and omega-6 that is ideal with salads and other vegetables. But be careful: it is better to use it cold. Indeed, hemp oil does not resist heat well!

Hemp on the plates of Michelin-Starred restaurants

Romain Meder, Chef of the Alain Ducasse Restaurant at Plaza Athénée, likes to sublimate unexpected ingredients in order to bring a touch of originality to his creations and to diversify their textures. The newest one? Hemp! He works it in different ways and uses the whole plant, from the stem to the leaves. The peeled seeds, when roasted are especially appreciated with their toasted and caramelized scent.

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