Why you don’t feel obvious effects from CBD

Why you don’t feel obvious effects from CBD

No THC, no high

As people tend to confuse CBD with THC, it’s important to keep this in mind : both components are cannabinoids, but their effects are really different. While THC is psychoactive, meaning it causes this high feeling, CBD helps in relaxing the body.

It doesn’t make you feel extra

CBD is more about appeasing (your body, an anxiety…) than about making you feel something in particular. It makes sense to focus on what you don’t feel anymore (insomnia, anxiety…) after you take CBD. CBD calms down and is not here to create any special warm or fuzzy feeling.

It’s all about the right dose

When taking CBD for the first time you may not even feel symptom relief. Some people are fine with a few milligrams while others need more. That's why it’s better to try a little dose first and see how the body reacts to determine which quantity fits you perfectly.

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