Seniors are (re)discovering cannabis

Seniors are (re)discovering cannabis

Two major groups of seniors are turning to cannabis.The first one have never tried marijuana and are drawn to its alleged health benefits. The second are boomers who smoked in the sixties and seventies who gave up cannabis after focusing on kids or on their career, or simply because they were afraid of legal consequences.

The typical user might not be the usual hipster as the fastest growing weed-using demographic is : baby boomers. They have changed their pot habits since the Woodstock era and are now back with new exigencies. “The health focus of baby boomers will drive medical use for years to come” explains San Francisco-based chiropractor Andrew Kerklaan. 

For Taylor, polypharmacy—the prescription of multiple drugs—is an urgent issue. “Most seniors we see are taking fifteen to twenty-six pills a day”. “The patients are not getting better. They’re getting worse and worse.”

But because many potential pot users want to avoid putting smoke in their lungs, other forms of ingestion should be developping in the coming years. Linda Gilbert, the director of consumer insights at BDS Analytics, (which studies the cannabis market) foresees marijuana products becoming big in the cosmetics industry. “Eventually, cannabis topicals and beauty products will be part of a daily hygiene regimen, and we will see dispensaries have as many beauty options as a department store or drugstore.”

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