Debunking 5 myths about CBD

Debunking 5 myths about CBD

CBD makes people sleep

Some people may believe that CBD has a sedative effect. That's not true! Some types of cannabis that contain a lot of CBD also contain a lot of Myrcene, a potentially sedative terpene. It is therefore easy to confuse... But CBD itself does not make you sleep! It's actually the opposite: it prevents some effects of THC and delays falling asleep.

It doesn't matter where the CBD is produced

Some companies extract their cannabidiol from industrial hemp varieties, but do not always offer an optimal quality source. They contain much less cannabidiol than varieties rich in CBD and it takes huge amounts of hemp to obtain small quantities of CBD. Industrial production can also reduce the presence of terpenes. In conclusion: CBD is more effective when it comes from a whole plant and will benefit from better components with therapeutic effects.

CBD can cure everything

While many studies have shown that CBD can improve athletes' performance or treat some of the pain of our pets, it is not a miracle solution to cure everything. Before treating pain or a specific condition, it is important to consult your doctor if you are considering a treatment containing cannabinoids, to be sure that it can be effective but also to know the appropriate dosage. 

THC and CBD have the same effects

THC and CBD are two different things and it is important to differentiate them. First of all, THC - or tetrahydrocannabinol - has an euphoric effect and possesses psychoactive properties that act on the psyche. CBD-based products are also derived from cannabis but have ultra-low THC levels and do not affect the brain.

Consuming large quantities of CBD is more effective

Wrong! Excesses are not recommended, and CBD is no exception. While CBD has many relaxing properties, it is not necessary to consume large quantities in order for it to be effective. In addition, if consumed regularly, it is essential to explore the reasons for chronic use and talk to a doctor about it. In conclusion, responsible use is required, combined with a healthy lifestyle.

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