Cannabis users on screen

Cannabis users on screen

Usually the typical marijuana users is depicted sitting on a couch, smoking weed and eating excessively while watching TV. He can barely remember where he left his keys and he spends his time at home rather than having a job or studying. Actually, more than 7 on 10 students answering the survey from Minor & Co said that they’d prefer seeing someone responsibly use cannabis on screen rather than someone drinking alcohol.

Generally perception has changed, but not on TV. In the USA, weed is legal for adults (20% of the US population) in 8 states. 30 states has legalized medical marijuana. Why does television still portray cannabis users as stoners, as if everyone drinking a glass of alcohol would be a stereotypical drunk person?

From normalization to general acceptance for use

According to the survey on those using cannabis several times a week, 7 of 10 said the media plays a huge role in how cannabis is seen by the public. Also, they think it’s easier to talk about cannabis after medias show characters that are not portrayed in a negative way.

8 of 10 said they want shows that depict medical cannabis as a “legitimate and positive medical option”. Depicting marijuana use on television and in movies is what has helped the cause of legalization. But as Miner & Co said, there is a difference between “normalization” of marijuana and the general acceptance for use.

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