Canada : Soon the first G7 member to legalize cannabis

Canada : Soon the first G7 member to legalize cannabis

Canada will soon be the first G7 member to legalize recreational use of cannabis and its cultivation from the 17th of October. “We commited to improving our system to protect our youth better and deprive organized crime of its money”

Even though therapeutic use has been approved since 2011, cannabis prohibition is applied since 1923 in Canada. Adults will be allowed to buy, cultivate et consume a limited amount of cannabis starting from the 17th of October. Every household will be allowed to own up to 4 plants at home and an individual will be able to carry a maximum of 3g of cannabis in public.

This legalization intervenes with the will of giving a better protection for young people by removing the illegal market. It will also give a proper legal framework enabling to supply a quality cannabis and a controlled quantity.

But as well as drunken driving, cannabis will be prohibited when driving. “Driving under drug influence, including cannabis, and border transportation are already illegal and will stay that way.” mentions Ralph Goodale.

Moreover, the Canadian government will cash an important tax revenue. For each gram of cannabis sold at a price equal or inferior to 10 dollars there will be an excise tax (an indirect tax on consumption) of one Canadian dollar collected with a distribution between The Federal state and provinces.

Finance minister Bill Morneau is seeking to implement a tax-windfall of 400 millions Canadian dollars to keep low prices “to get rid of" the black market. Provinces will take care of organizing cannabis sale in the allowed shops based on the current model of alcohol controlled by Canadian public authorities.

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