A CBD-based anxiolytic for dogs soon on the market?

A CBD-based anxiolytic for dogs soon on the market?

Owning a dog brings many advantages: a supportive company, a source of happiness for the family or the opportunity to take long walks in the fresh air. But it can happen that our four-legged companions occasionally suffer from anxiety. CBD could then be the solution to calm their fears and barking....


While CBD does not provoke psychotropic effects, its anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties are gaining in popularity among researchers who begin to conduct more and more studies. Among them, the one conducted by researchers in São Paulo on the impact of CBD on anxiety (1). During this research, scientists observed the reactions of two groups of adult males following ingestion of a CBD capsule mixed with corn oil or a placebo. The men in the group who received the CBD capsule showed a decrease in their peak anxiety between 60 minutes and 140 minutes after taking the capsule. Even more interestingly, the researchers observed that CBD acts directly on the area of the brain where anxiety occurs and that the effect of CBD differed from the ones of a high-dose of THC, which could cause a feeling of anxiety. But what about animals?


The world's largest cannabis company, Canopy Growth, announced last year its intention to initiate research to exploit the properties of cannabidiol to treat animal anxiety. "The approval of these clinical trials marks an important milestone on the road to the acceptance and recommendation of cannabis-based drugs by veterinarians," said Marc Wayne, Executive Director of Canopy Health Innovations.


On the other side of the border, Adam Christman is a prominent veterinarian from New Jersey and a member of the board of Directors of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association who has written numerous books and created YouTube videos on animal welfare issues. He provides extensive anecdotal evidence showing the benefits of the CBD for pets, but denounces the lack of research on the CBD in general.


When veterinarians are worried


Veterinarians are unanimous: cannabis is not safe for animals. Too often, dogs or cats have suffered from intoxication after eating foods containing THC. You must therefore be extremely careful about what you give to your pet, making sure you don't give them anything toxic. In any case, we can never repeat it enough: always seek the advice of a veterinarian before starting CBD treatment for your pet.


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1. Neutral basis of anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in generalized social anxiety disorder: a preliminary report

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