BERNARD STORIES: EP19. First time in jail

Episode 19: "First time in jail"
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Discover a face-to-face show with Bernard, famous hemp grower of Switzerland, in which he shares his knowledge and anecdotes. In this 19th episode, Bernard tells us about his first time in jail.

"This one we don’t forget, it’s like the first time. I had a friend who was a waitress in a bistro of my village and she sent me a letter in which she was telling about a smoking session we had together. My mother who was really curious, was secretly reading my mail, and that’s how my mother and my dad discovered that I was smoking hemp. At that time, the only source of information my parents had was the daily local newspaper where it was written that there were many deaths because of cannabis, that cannabis was provoking overdoses etc. My parents believed I was screwed, that I was going to die so they called the police which came to arrest me, but still they waited for the wine harvest (of the family farm) to be over because they needed my help."

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