BERNARD STORIES: EP16. Hemp Stealing

Episode 16: "Hemp Stealing"
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Discover a face-to-face show with Bernard, famous hemp grower of Switzerland, in which he shares his knowledge and anecdotes. In this 16th episode, Bernard tells us about a hemp theft which happened in his cultivations.

"We had robberies. I think the worse I’ve heard is a van coming without a license plate, with a lateral door opening, where 3 or 4 kids younger than 10 years old runed in the field with shears to cut and steal our plants while the grownups stayed in the bus. The guard noticed and start running and shouting. Then the children run away leaving almost everything on the spot and go back in the van which quickly disappeared. It’s incredible to see people using children to steal because they know that children have a specific legal status and cannot be sentenced or that kind of robbery."

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