BERNARD STORIES: EP15. Anecdote - Military School


Episode 15: "Anecdote: Military school"
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Discover a face-to-face show with Bernard, famous hemp grower of Switzerland, in which he shares his knowledge and anecdotes. In this 15th episode, Bernard tells us a new anecdote.

"One time a judge from Valais confined my harvest and not knowing where to put it, he stored it in a garage on the highway where there is a car service center. We lost track of my harvest but what we know is that one night, he moved it by night (at the time it was not so much, it was like 10 tons) and put it in a hangar for military aircraft in Haut-Valais. And one day, a young man from Sierre called me and told me he wanted to see me and go for a coffee. He then told me : “I need to tell you, I did my military school in Haut-Valais, in the military aviation team, your weed is absolutely fantastic, all my friends and everyone smoked it”. So that’s what the judge’s confiscation was used for and I found this funny, at least it was helpful for some people."

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