BERNARD STORIES: EP12. Discovery of hemp

Episode 12 :"Discovery of hemp?"
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Discover a face-to-face show with Bernard, famous hemp grower of Switzerland, in which he shares his knowledge and anecdotes. In this 12th episode, tells us how he discovered hemp.

"It was in 1970, I was 17, I went with a friend from my village to Amsterdam. In the old times we were not traveling with Easyjet, it was hitchhiking. In Amsterdam we could buy marijuana as we used to call it before. We tried to smoke it with a pipe and at each puff we were looking at each other and said to each other: “You feel smoothing, you feel something?”, but we didn’t feel anything at all. And that’s when I realized that when we are tense and anxious, the effect doesn’t arrive. So you need a certain spiritual freedom and open-mindedness and that’s what I lived with my friend on the next day:  we said to each other “Well it’s not really hemp or it doesn’t have any effect but it has a good taste, we do one more pipe? -Okay we do one more pipe.” And at this moment we were very relaxed, not tense, and that’s how it hit us for the first time."

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