BERNARD STORIES: Ep.14. CBD, therapeutic virtues?

Episode 14: "CBD, therapeutic virtues?"
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Discover a face-to-face show with Bernard, famous hemp grower of Switzerland, in which he shares his knowledge and anecdotes. In this 14th episode, Bernard tells us about hemp's benefits.

"CBD has therapeutic effects, it has been studied, there were many medical researches, made in many countries with this hemp and this CBD. Till now it was THC which was the hemp medical molecule number 1, but we realized that CBD has (medical) effects. I had the opportunity with my business partners to visit medical cannabis cultures in Israel and the clinic they operate in Tel Aviv where they assist 10,000 patients. Well trust me, for example for epileptic children it’s way better to give them hemp rich in CBD and low in THC, the effects are still beneficial for this disease so if we can avoid psychotropic effects it’s better."

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