Why Holyweed?

Holyweed is committed to a quality organic product, labeled Pro-Cert and cultivated outdoors by local farmers. Our cannabis is entirely cultivated and produced in Switzerland.

Why is this legal cannabis?

Our cannabis is legal because the THC component creating the psychotropic effect is present at a rate of less than 1% in our products. Our products contain another molecule called CBD (cannabidiol) which is not psychotropic.

What are cannabinoids?

All Holyweed products have a strong rate of cannabinol / CBD. We attribute this component to a relaxing effect and sometimes even therapeutic properties which we can’t mention within the current legal framework. We encourage you to do your own research to know more about the topic and studies surrounding CBD.

What kind of products do you sell?

We offer dried cannabis flowers in 4 different products according to your needs : Party Time, Wellness, Sleep Tight and Make Love. We also sell accessories such as clothes, bags and lighters.

How to preserve the CBD products?

CBD products should be stored in a fresh environment, away from warmth and light for an optimal conservation.

Do you deliver outside of Switzerland?

Accessories and clothing are the only items we deliver outside of Switzerland.

How long does the delivery take? How much is it?

Your product is delivered in 24 hours. Delivery is free for purchases 39 CHF or above.

How can I pay?

Different possibilities of payment are available. We accept the following cards : Mastercard, Visa, Postcard, Payment slip (BVR) and PayPal.

What do you do of my private data?

Your data is kept confidential and is never shared externally.