Bernard Rappaz
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Bernard Rappaz

A hemp pioneer

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In Rappaz’s family, farming is an art transmitted from one generation to the next. Aside from his love for the Earth, Bernard cultivates a strong passion for organic farming, making him one of Switzerland’s first organic farmers. A fervent defender of hemp decriminalisation, today he is a world-renowned hemp specialist who is always ready to share his knowledge.

Bernard Rappaz is a devoted activist for ethical farming and for the protection of local farmers. For years, he has been supporting and fighting alongside farmers trying to protect their crops. Today, he is one of the co-founders of the start-up Holyweed, dedicated to hemp and to protecting ecosystems. A return to the roots for the famous hemp grower who has always been fond of this plant of multiple benefits.

Everything started back in 1970, in Amsterdam. It’s in this bohemian city divided up by many canals that Bernard Rappaz discovers hemp and its properties for the first time. Back home, he decides to create his own seed, the « Walliser Queen ».

This moment was the beginning of a long hemp adventure, strengthened by the knowledge acquired throughout his life, he started cultivating his first plants with the greatest respect for the environment. Although Bernard loves hemp more than anything, he also possesses deep consideration for nature.

The will to respect ecosystems led him to set up the first wind turbine in the canton of Valais in 1974, as well as many solar energy collectors. A truly committed pioneer, he shares his expertise beyond borders and wins several prizes at different cannabis festivals. He became the first to develop a food oil in Europe : The Alps hemp oil.

Nowadays, his adventure continues with Holyweed as he transmits his expertise while surfing the cannabis legal wave. He ensures a certified organic product which is grown under the sun, conserving its aromas for the guarantee of a healthy and quality product.