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Holyweed was established in 2017 in Switzerland with the aim of responsibly producing artisanal quality, 100% natural cannabis products.

We handcraft each product with care and only source cannabis from Swiss cultivators sharing our philosophy and enthusiasm for the craft. All cannabis is tested by an independent lab to ensure quality and safety.


It's in the heart of Swiss nature that Holyweed finds its roots. The seeds are planted by hand, in a pure soil looked after with care by « Bio Suisse » certified farmers. Every plant blossoms under the natural sunlight for a maximal growth of cannabinoids and terpenes.

This handmade production is guided by Bernard Rappaz, Swiss pioneer of hemp farming. This astute connoisseur takes care of selecting the best strains in person. Our promise? A crop which is outdoor-grown, organic-certified, without pesticides, fertiliser or additives. In this way, we obtain the quality and optimum rate of CBD which are guaranteed by an independent laboratory.

Here lies the philosophy of Holyweed : a perfect balance between man and nature for an organic CBD dedicated to a healthy consumption.




Famous in Switzerland and abroad, Bernard Rappaz is famous for his commitment to hemp and for his fight for its legalisation. Today, he is co-founder of Holyweed and is entirely devoted to the production and the cultivation of this plant thanks to an expertise which is unique in Switzerland.

As a real connoisseur he knows how to bring his years of experience and his unrivaled dedication to the production of an organic natural cannabis and respect for the environment

His love for hemp makes him able to produce a high quality cannabis like no one else.

The brand

The brand Holyweed is an all-encompassing representation of our mission, values and commitments.

Our brand and our products serve as a common thread connecting our diverse community of innovators, creators, pioneers and idealists around a shared sense of purpose.

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Handmade and organic production, with a drying time of one and a half months.